Imagine hearing “you have cancer”. Now imagine how you might feel knowing that you or a loved one has cancer, and the state-of-the-art treatment that might help is simply out of reach because of its cost. Tragically, this happens to Canadians of all ages, each and every day.

To Dr. Kylea Potvin, a Medical Oncologist at the London Regional Cancer Program, this was just unacceptable:

drpotvin-photoedit_1“For me, it is heartbreaking to know that specific therapies may help and yet see patients unable to benefit from them simply because money is the barrier. With support of ACT Now, we can ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment for their cancer, regardless of their financial situation”

Dr. Potvin began pursuing donors and started “Access Cancer Therapies (ACT) Now”. In November, 2011, the fund was given a major boost when Obsidian Group Inc. announced a $250,000 donation to London Health Sciences Foundation in support of the ACT Now fund. Since then, a committee of volunteers actively raises money to support the fund. Then, in May 2013, CIBC gave $500,000 and is the primary donor of the fund.