Access Cancer Therapies (ACT) Now is an initiative that helps patients pay for cancer treatments not covered by Ontario’s health insurance plan (OHIP) and that they could not otherwise afford.

The fund is named in honour of our lead donor CIBC. Funds raised for ACT Now are held at London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) and are available to patients receiving cancer care at London Health Sciences Centre’s London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP).

Our mission is to improve our patients’ survival and their quality of life.

Breakthroughs are being made in our understanding of cancer every day, and research into new treatments has never been more active. However these breakthroughs come at a hefty cost – sometimes thousands of dollars per treatment…….and many new cancer treatments are not covered by OHIP.

Sometimes a cancer drug is funded only for a particular type of cancer. For example, a drug might only be funded for use on skin cancer. Even if an Oncologist (physician who specializes in cancer care) determines the same drug may be indicated and effective for a patient with a cancer of a different type, for example, a patient with a unique form of breast cancer – OHIP may not cover it for that use.

This would normally leave the patient to pay for the sometimes prohibitive drug costs. Instead, the CIBC ACT Now fund may be able to assist or fully cover those costs.

CTV News – ACT Now Addresses Shortfall in Public Healthcare (2015)
CTV News – ACT Now program helps with costs of cancer treatment (2014)

“When I was notified that my pills are being covered, all of a sudden all the pain and discomfort I was expecting to have didn’t seem so bad.  It made me realize that there are people out there that can feel the pain and are there for us.”
~ LRCP patient helped by ACT Now